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a person,group or force that opposes or attack opponent,enemy or poe

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Q: What is denotative meaning of tyranny?
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What is the denotative meaning of tyranny?

Bermhine or Bermudo

What is the denotative meaning of adversary?

The denotative meaning of adversary is one's opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.

What is the denotative meaning if hail?

The denotative meaning of "hail" is frozen precipitation in the form of balls or pellets of ice that falls from clouds.

What is the denotative meaning of brassy?


What is denotative meaning of freedom?

What is te denotive and connotative of freedom

What is the denotative meaning and connotative meaning of computer?

One who computes.

What is the meaning the connotative and denotative meanings in the word table?

A table is used to eat on. That is the connotative and denotative meanings.

What is the denotative of wall?

The denotative meaning of wall is a structure that encloses an area, serves as a boundary, or provides protection.

What is the Baby denotative meaning?

you eat pie

What two words have the same denotative meaning?

"Car" and "automobile" have the same denotative meaning, referring to a motor vehicle used for transportation.

What is Connotative and denotative meaning of wisdom?

Connotative meaning is the meaning thought of when you think of the word "wisdom" such as wise men, wizards and owls. Denotative meaning is the actual dictionary definition of the word wisdom.

How can the dictionary be used to find the denotative meaning of a word?

To find the denotative meaning of a word, look up the word in a dictionary. The denotative meaning is the literal definition or primary meaning of the word, as opposed to connotations or figurative meanings. It is usually the first definition listed in a dictionary entry.