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The use of the initiative is fairly modern, so it isn't used in the past.

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Q: What is initiative in US History?
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Who maintains a corporate initiative called save our history?

History channel

What was the constitutional basis for President Nixon's incursion into Cambodia?

US President Nixon based his incursion into Cambodia without consulting Congress by the US Constitution's grant of substantive authority which had enabled Presidents throughout US history to send troops into conflicts on their own initiative.

How does the free enterprise system of the US promote individual initiative?

The free enterprise system of the US promotes individual initiative because it propagates the idea that every individual can be an entrepreneur and start his own business.

What is a good sentence for initiative?

He took the initiative, a peace initiative.

What is the procedure that allows voters to initiate legislation by obtaining signatures on a petition?


What is the Tagalog word for Initiative?

Tagalog word for Initiative: pagkukusa

Which Sea Power 21 initiative changed the way the US Navy deploys and trains the Fleet?


Which US states have passed a ballot initiative legalizing same-sex marriage?

Washington;Maryland; and,Maine.

An expample of initiative is?

The definition of initiative is to take a step to do something or an action. An example would be to take the initiative in settling an issue, or to take the initiative in making friends.

Africa has no history because to uncover the past a historian needs?

Africa has plenty of history to any person with common sence who bothers to look. Start with the Mali Empire and go from there. Take some initiative

What is the Latin translation for the word initiative in Latin?

The translation would be, ausus - daring, initiative or orsus - undertaking, initiative

US History Encyclopedia citation?

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