What is less government?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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less government is what conservatives are always talking about. conservatives blame the liberals for big government. what does big government means to a conservative? I think the problem is that conservatives don't want to pay any taxes. Just like when i grew up in my hometown, we had white people living in one side of town and hispanic in the other side of town. when a hispanic won the mayor position he found that the white people were not paying taxes at all. but when the new mayor made them pay taxes, most of them move out of town. i think you call those conservatives, right! If i earned 250,000 dollars a year, I wouldn't mind paying the tax. even yet, if the minimum wage was raised to 12.00 an hour, i wouldn't mine paying the tax and the rich not pay theirs. just don't raise the prize of the commodities just because a truck broke down cause there is when food stamps jump in.

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Q: What is less government?
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Which of theses did Thomas Jefferson consider most important in the new republic?

A less powerful central government Representative government - APEX

Who was not helped by the great society?

Senators who wanted less government

Why the salarys of a Government employee is less than a software employee?

The salary of a government employee is less than a software employee because the wage bill of the government is big.

Which political label feels that less government is better government?


Why does the government have less power than the federal government?

I have now idea.

Why do you have a less developed economy?

we have a less developed economy because of the corruption of the government.

Those who tend to be in favor of less government and balanced budgets are called?

Conservatives are thought to be one group that favors less government and balanced budgets.

What do Republicans do about government?

They shrink it. Republicans want individual freedom and less government control.

Which party believes government should be hands off?

The Libertarians believe in less government.

Government has less money because people are out of work and pay less money?


Definitionfor the word socialism?

In theory, its objective is a class-less, government-less society.

Does the US government have less money than apple?

No, it has a marginal amount less, the Apple company has more money than the US Government, crazy, right?