What is mandatory spending?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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refers to spending set by annual appropriation levels made by decision of Congress.

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Q: What is mandatory spending?
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Which of the following is an example of mandatory spending?

Mandatory spending example would be buying groceries. Anything that is a NEED and not a WANT is considered mandatory spending

What are the differences between entitlements mandatory spending and discretionary spending?

Mandatory spending is required by law and the other is not.

Most federal mandatory spending is spent on?

Most federal mandatory spending is spent on entitlements.

How does discretionary spending differ form mandatory spending?

mandatory spending refers to money that lawmakers are required by existing laws to spend on certain programs and discretionary spending is spending about which government planners can make choices

How is mandatory and discretionary spending similar?

Mandatory spending - Spending that the Government must spend. Discretionary spending - Spending category through which governments can spend through an appropriations act.

What is an example of mandatory spending?

Social Security

What is the fastest growing category of federal expenditures since 1980?

Federal spending by the government, is divided into three different categories. They are mandatory spending, discretionary spending and net interest. The fastest growing of those categories since 1980 is mandatory spending.

What percent of federal spending was mandatory in 2010?


Does mandatory spending consume the largest chunk of the federal budget?


What term refers to money already committed to spending because of previous legislation?


An example of mandatory spending is financing for?

A. interest payments on the federal debt.-For e2020 answered by Kd

What programs are defined as mandatory spending obligations?

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and national debt payments.