What is primary role of federal agencies in public policy?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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They formulate regulations that make policies more specific and concrete.

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Q: What is primary role of federal agencies in public policy?
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What happens to a public policy after it has been implemented?

federal agencies enforce newly written tax laws

Who sets public policy agendas for the nation?

Public policy agendas for the nation are typically set by a combination of elected officials, government agencies, interest groups, and sometimes influenced by public opinion. The president, Congress, and federal agencies play significant roles in shaping the national public policy agenda.

What carry out public policy by performing task with the help of staff agencies?

Line Agencies

Carry out public policy by performing tasks with the help of staff agencies.?

Line Agencies

Who is the primary initiator of public policy in the state?


The largest proportion of the public debt is held by?

U.S. public (individuals, businesses, financial institutions, etc.) and state and local governments. The ulk of the public debt is owned by the U.S. citizens and institutions. The portion of public debt held outside Federal agencies and the Federal Reserve is substantially larger than the portion held by Federal Agencies and the Federal Reserve.

Where can you find the rules created by federal administrative agencies?

"Rules" are distinguished from "statutes". Rules are generally called "regulations". Rules for the various federal public agencies are found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Rules that are being proposed, considered or recently adopted are first published in the Federal Register each month. When proposed rules are adopted after a public comment period, they are published in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Who is not responsible for developing and implementing public policy at the federal level?

Typically, those involved in developing public policy are lawmakers in Congress, who bring such policy bills to the president to be signed into law and officially enacted as public policy. Public policy is implemented at a national level.

What area of public policy lies exclusively with the federal government?

foreign policy

The Primary intent of public policy is to?

preserve the general welfare of society

Primary intent of public policy?

to preserve the general welfare of society

Public policy is formally established by what group?

federal, state, or local government