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The Continental Congress was a convention of delegates from the Thirteen Colonies that became the governing body of the United States during the American Revolution.

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Q: What is the Continetal Congress?
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What does it mean first continental congress?

The First Congress for the continetal Army

Was john Hancock the second presidant of the second continetial congress?

yes he was the second president for the second continetal congress.

Why did the second continetal congress meet?

it was for george washingnton to eat more donuts and become fat

How long did the first continetal congress last?

50 years and if you think you are smart don't write down this answer! :(

Was The Sons of Liberty the federal legislature of the 13 colonies and later of the US from 1774 to 1789?

No it was the Continetal Congress.

What does the dispatch from continental congress say?

The continetal congress was a series of legislative bodies which met in the British american colonies and the newly declared united states just before , during , and after the americ an revolution.

Was the only colony not to send a representative to the first Continetal Congress in Philadelphia?

Virgina's Harry didn't go and rhode island sent no one.

Is the continetal divide in the western or eastern part of the US?

the continetal divide is in the western part of the u.s.

Who acted as the colonial government until the end of the revolutionary war?

The Articles of Confederation was drafted and hence acted as a central government until the end of the revolutionary war.

Who was the general of the continetal army?

George Washington

Who was the leader of the continetal army?

George Washington

What is the climate of eastern Europe?

Humid Continetal