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The Enlightenment Principles.

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the us government is based on the congressinal record

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Q: What is the US government based on?
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What is the system on which the US government is based?


What structure is the US government based on?

The Enlightenment Principles.

How did the enlightenment thinkers change the us?

the united states government is based on their ideas

What did the Enlightenment thinkers do for the US?

our government is based on thier ideas

What did the Enlightenment thinker do for the us?

our government is based on thier ideas

What was the first government of the us based on?

The American Government is based off of the Roman Empire's government. the expression "do what the Romans do" is very appropriate for how many things the American Government has adopted as well.

The the US Constitution is based on the concept of?

Popular sovereignty and Limited government

What was the first government of the US was based on this which was created in 1777?

Articles of Confederation

How does the US government differ from the Roman Republic government?

In Rome there was an obvious divide between the rich and poor, and they were represented by difference branches of government. In the US, the constitution states that everyone is equal before the law regardless of wealth. The Roman constitution had three branches: the legislative (based on the Athens democracy), the executive (based on the Spartan oligarchy) and the judidical (based on the previous monarchy) and the US constitution was a vast improvement on this.

What are 3 goals for your government in the constitution?

My government is not based on a constitution, and while I am sure yours is, we can not provide you with an answer if you fail to tell us which country you live in.

How did the U.S. government finance the Civil War?

The US government financed the US Civil War by issuing bonds and collecting tariffs. In addition, based on the option of avoiding the draft, citizens paid the US Treasury $300 to the government in lieu of serving in the military. At the end of the war, the government debt was about $8 Billion.

If you are accused of a crime how will the government appoint you a lawyer?

In the US, your eligibility for a public defender is generally income-based.