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Q: What is the abbreviation for Licenses and regulates all interstate telephone services?
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Licenses and regulates all interstate telephone services?

FCC the federal communications commission

What agencies licenses and regulates all interstate telephone services?

federal communications commission

What agency licenses and regulates all railroads?

The regulatory body in the US is the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Licenses fixes rates and regulates all railroads.?

The group that fixes rates and regulates the railroads is called the ICC.

Who regulates car dealer licenses?

The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV for short.

What Federal Commission licenses and regulates all radio and TV stations?

The Federal Communications Commission regulates all public broadcast media.

The first case that tested the Commerce Clause to come before the Supreme Court involved?

A. foreign exports B. interstate transportation C. foreign trade D. interstate licenses

What is telephone number for blue licenses holding?

303 249 9700

What organization licenses all regulates all radio and television stations?

FCC = Federal Communications Commission

Licenses and regulates all civilian facilities and the civilian use of nuclear materials?

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Licenses fixes rates and regulates other aspects of commercial transportation?

The group that controls these things is known as the ICC.

How does ICASA regulate and control media?

The ICASA regulates and controls the media through the issuance of licenses and the formulation of rules and regulation concerning the media. It regulates the broadcasting and telecommunication sectors for public interest.