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The exact cash value of the unfinished portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart would actually be dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would include the authenticity and condition of the portrait.

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Q: What is the cash value of the unfinished portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart?
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Who left an unfinished portrait of George Washington?

Gilbert Stuart

Who painted the portrait of George Washington?

Gilbert Stuart

Who is the us portrait painter of political figures notably George Washington?

Gilbert Stuart

Was Gilbert Stuart a portrait artist?

Yes. His most famous painting is an incompleted one of George Washington.

What were two national treasures saved by Dolley Madison?

The Declaration of Independence and Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington

Why did Gilbert Stuart Not finish the painting of George Washington?

Gilbert Stuart was the painter that was hired to created the painting of George Washington by Senator Bingham. During the process of creating the painting Senator Bingham changed his mind and wanted a full length portrait to be painted. Before he could paint the full size portrait Gilbert Stuart died. Gilbert Stuart left the painting as it was and it was eventually adopted as the portrait used on the US dollar bill.

Who drew George Washington on the US 1 dollar bill?

The portrait is engraved rather than "drawn". It's taken from a portrait painted by Gilbert Stuart.

Which presidents portrait set the policy for gathering works of art in the White House?

The Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington.

What portrait of George Washington did Dolley Madison save and where is it now?

It hangs in the East Room of the White House. It is a well-known standing portrait of Washington by Gilbert Stuart.

When did Stuart Gilbert die?

Gilber Steuart died on July 9th 1828 in Boston. His unfinished painting of George Washington is hung in the Museum of Fine Arts.

Who is Gilbert Stuart?

A portraist who painted the Athenaeum, which is the portrait of George Washington on the 1 dollar bill. look him up on wikipedia too. it helps.

What state has George Washington's portrait on it?