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what is johnny tremain climax

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Q: What is the climax of johnny tremain?
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What is Johnny Tremain's middle name?

Johnny Light Tremain

When was Johnny Tremain created?

Johnny Tremain was created in 1943.

What is the portrayal in Johnny Tremain?

the portrayal was a ship and Johnny Tremain was a sailer

How old is Isannah in Johnny Tremain?

In Johnny Tremain, Isannah is 8.

What hand did johnny tremain burn?

Johnny Tremain burns his hands.

In what year was Johnny Tremain first published?

when was Johnny Tremain published

Who is the afric queen in 'Johnny Tremain'?

In Johnny Tremain, the Afric Queen is a restaurant.

What award was given to the book Johnny Tremain?

Johnny Tremain won the Newbery Award.

What is the setting of johnny tremain?

Johnny Tremain takes place in Boston from 1773 to 1775.

What is the ISBN of Johnny Tremain?

The ISBN of Johnny Tremain is 0-440-44250-8.

What is the duration of Johnny Tremain film?

The duration of Johnny Tremain - film - is 1.33 hours.

What reward did the book Johnny Tremain receive?

Johnny Tremain won the 1944 Newbery Medal.