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amount spend on nesseties of a prisoner in ayear.

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Q: What is the cocept of 'jail cost of living ' by Naoroji?
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When does Cody get out of jail?

She's out of jail and living with me in Lincoln Park Michigan

How long is David slater in jail for?

David Slater is out of jail. He is living and working again in Nashville.

How much does it cost to be in jail for one year?

The cost of incarcerating an individual for one year can vary widely depending on the location and facility. On average, it can cost between $20,000 to $40,000 per year to house an inmate in jail. This includes expenses such as food, medical care, security, and administrative costs.

How much does it cost to get married to an inmate monroe county jail?

There are several counties with the name Monroe in the United States. In the Monroe county, TN jail, the cost for an inmate to marry will be the cost of the license and preacher.

Was Carla Rushings in jail?

Carla Rushings is currently living

What are the rewards of a responsible person?

Not going to jail. Living a long time. Having friends. Having a job. Not going to Jail.

A non living thing that is composed of cells?

A beehive. A jail. Inside a jail their are cells where the inmates stay.hjjghjk;l;;'] ''';lkjfh

Did nelson died in jail?

Do you mean Nelson Mandela? He was released from jail in 1990 and is still living. Or do you mean another Nelson?

What is the cost of money for life in jail?

You can't pay to keep someone in jail. It's decided in a court of law.

Does jail breaking your iphone cost money?

No,Try Sn0wBreeze

How much does it cost to get married in jail?

The cost to get married in jail varies by state and facility. Costs may include marriage license fees, ceremony fees, and any additional costs for special requests or accommodations. It is best to contact the specific jail or correctional facility for accurate pricing information.

How much is a jail wedding without an inmates id?

The cost of the wedding depends on where the inmate is. If he's in a county jail in Southern CA then a wedding without ID can cost between $500 - 700.