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Thge President shall get honest and full answers to "sticky" items without the advisor having to fear retaliation.

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It is the power claimed by the President and other members of the executive branch to resist other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches.

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It is the power secluded by the President of the United States and additional members.

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the one fit for tha job

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Q: What is the concept of the Executive Privilege?
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What concept is the basis for the constitution?

executive privilege

In what situation does executive privilege not apply?

Executive privilege does not apply when the president is under a criminal investigation.

What term describes a President's need to keep information private?

Executive privilege.

Is Executive Privilege the right of the President only?

"No, the Executive Privilege is the right of the President, but not only him or her. The other official leaders and congress men may have this privilege as well."

What executive president?

executives privilege

Presidential claims to the executive privilege are based on what?

With executive privilege, the president is allowed to overstep congressional authority, and not answer to Congress's efforts to question his or her actions. With the series of checks and balances that are established in the Constitution, this particular privilege is puzzling. Some believe that executive privilege is a fallacy, and that congressional approval is absolute.

Should executive privilege be eliminated?

Executive privilege should not be eliminated. It is legal for the President of the United States to use executive privilege where the President makes the final decision as the President feels would be best. It has been used many, many times.

Where did the term executive privilege originate?


The term executive privilege orginated with?

president eisenhower

Should you capitalize executive privilege?

Yes, "Executive Privilege" should be capitalized because it refers to a proper noun, a specific privilege granted to the executive branch of government.

Why did Nixon not release the tapes what privilege did he use?

Nixon claimed Executive Privilege in not releasing the tapes.

The right of the president to refuse to testify before Congress or a court is called what?

executive privilege. Executive Privilege is not an unlimited right to refuse. It extends only to those topics or areas which are critical for the President to retain privacy in order to accomplish his role as Executive. As such, it was possible for Congress to compel Bill Clinton to testify regarding the Whitewater affair.