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The expressed powers clause is the tenth amendment of the United States Constitution.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

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Q: What is the expressed powers clause?
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Which term refers to powers that are not in the constitution but may be assumed from the expressed powers?

The term which refers to the powers that may be assumed from the expressed powers in the Constitution are the implied powers. The 'general welfare' clause and the 'necessary and proper' clause imply certain powers to the president that are not enumerated.

What has allowed congress to increase it's expressed powers through the interpretation of the?

elastic clause

The powers that are suggested but not directly stated in the constitution are called?

Congressional powers not expressed are implied powers.

What are the expressed powers and implied power of the national government?

Expressed powers are powers that are stated in the constitution while implied are vaguely relevant and can be assumed to be stated. The elastic clause grants congress a set of implied powers that are not explicitly named in the constitution, but are assumed to exist because they are necessary to implement the expressed powers named in article 1.

What is another term for implied powers a. elastic b. expressed c.absolute d. stated?

The implied-powers-clause is also known as the elastic clause. Since 1790 the clause has been stretched, like elastic, to allow all types of legislation.

What does the constitutions necessary and proper clause do?

It gives powers to Congress that allow the government to meet new challenges.

What type of fiscal powers does congress have?

One of Congress's fiscal powers is levying and collecting taxes to pay the country's debts and build the armed services.

What is the part of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to do whatever is necessary and proper to carry out its expressed powers?

elastic clause.

What are expressed powers?

Expressed powers are powers written down for Congress in the Constitution.

Are expressed powers implied bt the elastic clause?

it related to because the congress seqoya was here

What are other names for implied powers?

implied powers - which are powers derived from enumarated powers and the necessary and propper clause, in which they are not stated specifically but are implied through the exercise of deligated powers. The other names for the implied powers are, necessary and proper, and elastic.

What does the elastic clause do?

The Elastic Clause is in Article I of the US Constitution, and it states that any powers necessary to complete the powers listed above (the expressed powers of congress), but not necessarily mentioned there, are nonetheless granted to the Congress. For example: An express power is that Congress can maintain an army. A implied power (powers granted by the elastic clause) would be to recruit, train, and draft citizens into that army. It could also establish military bases to which civilian access was restricted. The elastic clause has been used throughout US history to add powers to the federal government. It allows the federal government to expand its powers.