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It is called the Narthex.

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Q: What is the front lobby of a church called?
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How is the front office called in small hotels?

it is called a lobby

What is the front area of hotel called?

It is usually called the lobby.

What is the covered gateway in a Church called?

Are you thinking of the narthex (sort of a Church lobby), or the gate into the sanctuary? The later is not covered usually.

What is the registration area of a hotel called?

One registers in the lobby at the front desk .

What is the name of a french word for someone who works behind the desk in a hotel lobby?

the person working at the desk in an hotel lobby is called "réceptioniste" in French. The front desk is called "la réception".

What is front room of a hotel called?

If you're referring to the main entrance hall its called the hotel lobby.

What is the main body or area of the church in Romanesque and Gothic Christian abbey cathedral basilica and similar church architecture?

The nave is the known as the main body in church architecture. From the front door, the first area is a lobby. The larger area inside the church is the nave. The altar is at the front. The pianist or organist and choir may be at the front to the side or rear of the altar, or in the back in a balcony area.

What is a lobby in a fancy hotel called?

A lobby

What is the front of the church called for Roman Catholic?


What is the sign in front of a church called?


What is a church tower called?

A church tower is called a steeple. It is often a tall structure, typically located at the front of the church building, and may contain bells or a clock.

What is a church vestibule?

The vestibule is the outer area or hall near the entrance, which may have specific uses or dedications. A specific vestibule leading into the church nave is called the narthex.