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Credibility gap

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Q: What is the gap term used to indicate the distress of the government and older officials during Vietnam?
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What papers revealed that few government officials felt the war in Vietnam was winnable?


Why American officials did not think France should control Vietnam but they did not want Vietnam to be?


Is Vietnam's government stable?

YES. The Vietnamese government is very stable.

What type of government does Vietnam have including current events?

Vietnam has a communist government.

The name of the Vietnam government during the Vietnam conflict?

Presuming you mean the government supported by the US: The Republic of South Vietnam.

When was Government of Free Vietnam created?

Government of Free Vietnam was created on 1995-04-30.

What has been the most lasting effect of Watergates?

In the years following Vietnam and Watergate, the American public and the media developed a general cynicism about public officials that still exists today.

What kind of government was there in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?


Is Vietnam is conflict today?

Well...this answer varies. First off Vietnam currently has some dissatisfaction with its government. There are many people who are abused under the Communist government, and there are just very unfair and bad laws. People who have lots of money in Vietnam, like owners of major business that do illegal stuff don't get punished if they bribe the police men/officials. Northern Vietnam is currently a place where the Chinese are looking at. There are some minerals there yet the Vietnamese LET the Chinese there...but I am sure that this will result in future conflicts...

When did Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam end?

Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam ended in 1976.

What is the government in Vietnam?


What did the Government think about what was happening with the Vietnam war?

Which government?