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Q: What is the government control of land and all other means of production called?
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Government control of land and all other means of production is called?


What are the rights of the government called socialism?

one of them is that workers should control the means of production.

What is government control of land and all other means of production called?


Which of the foln which type of economic system does the government control the means of production and distribution?

socialism :)

What is government control of land and all means of production called?

When the government controls the land and all the other means of production it is known as Communism. Communism is the system of in which all social and economical activities are controlled by a totalitarian state that is dominated by a single, self-perpetrating political party.

What is government control of land and other means of production called?

Federal Land i.e. national parks, federal buildings

What is the economic goals of government?

To do away with economics by having no money or prices or buying and selling.

How did marxism interpret the role pf government in business?

Marxism sees the government as a tool of the ruling class to protect capitalist interests and maintain control over the means of production. It argues that government intervention in business serves to perpetuate the exploitation of the working class by the bourgeoisie. Marxists advocate for the abolition of private ownership of the means of production and the establishment of a socialist system where workers collectively own and control businesses.

Economic system in which individuals control the factors and means of production is called?

Free Enterprise

Who did carl marx believe should completely control production?

Karl Marx believed that the workers, or the proletariat, should completely control production in order to establish a classless society and eliminate exploitation by the capitalist class. He envisioned a system where workers collectively owned and managed the means of production.

In a communist society who owns the means of production banks government farmers businesspeople?

The government owns everything. The people don't own anything. The government also tells people where to live, where to work, the government owns the newspapers, TV channels, and blocks internet access. In a communist government people do not have rights.

In a command economy economic decisions are mostly influenced by?

Its the government because its the one that control all means of production.