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Q: What is the governor's right to reject a bill called?
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Most governors can reject only a specific part of a bill which is called a?


What power allows the governer to reject only parts of spending bills?

The power that allows certain governors to reject only parts of a spending bill is referred to as the line item veto. Only a few governors have this option. Most governors must accept the entire bill or veto the entire bill.

Power to reject part of bill is called?

Line- item veto

The power to reject part of a bill is called?

Its usually referred to as a Line Item Veto

The power to agree to part of a proposal or bill and reject the rest is called the what?

Line item veto.

What is the impact of the line-item veto on the federal government of the US?

None. There isn't one in the Federal system. Though several State Governors have such a veto, the President does not. He can only accept or reject a bill in its entirety.

What is it called when governors veto certain parts of a bill and approve others?

When a Governer approves parts of a bill and vetos others, it is called using a "line item veto."

The right or power of a president or governor to reject bill in the legislature?

the right or power of a president or governor to reject bills

Can a committee reject a bill?

It depends which country you are referring to, bur generally the prime minister has no power of veto and cannot reject a bill.

What kind of veto would allow presidents to reject portions of a bill instead of the whole bill?

This is called a line item veto. The US president does not have this power at present.

Is it ok to question or reject your parent's religion?

of course! if their really strict, then you might want to break it to them slowly, but you have every right to question/reject their religion. you can believe in what you want to believe in. the right to your own religion is on the bill of rights or constitution somewhere. -the person who answered your question

Categories of legislation line-item veto?

The line-item veto law confers powers to a chief executive to reject provisions in a bill. The President of the United States has veto powers. Governors in nearly all states and the mayor of Washington have veto powers.