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I am not sure what "specialized" means here. The President get advice from his cabinet, from the White House staff and the joint chiefs for military advice. Many of them have special skills and knowledge. Some of them were picked for their service to the President's election campaign .

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Q: What is the group of specialized department advisors to the president called?
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What are the president's closest advisors called?


What are the informal advisors of the president called?

Kitchen Cabinet

What are the executive department head or chief presidential advisors called?


A group of experts or advisors to the president are called what?

The President's chief advisers are called his Cabinet.

The advisors in the executive branch who help the president is called the?


The advisors in the executive branch who helpthe president are called?

The Senate and the judicial branch

The military department created by president Adams was called what?

I believe it was the department of war. Or Department of the Navy. Both made up in the late 1790s when he was President.

Does the president pick a group of 15 people called his inaugural advisors?

Not exactly- most people would call them his cabinet.

What are the executive department of the officials called?

The Executive Department of the United States consists of the President and all those who report to him. This includes the Vice-President, all Cabinet Secretaries, all employees of Cabinet Departments, and all employees of the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice-President. An Executive Department Official is any official of any of these Departments, including the President and Vice-President themselves.

What was the name of the group of trusted advisors president Kennedy called together?

Ex-Comm was the specific group for the Cuban Missile Crisis

What is the head of the department called?

The head of a federal executive department is usually called "Secretary", except that the head of the Justice Department is the Attorney General.

What are the heads of department that assists the president called?

Cabinet Secretaries