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The US Attorney General is the highest ranking officer of the US Department of Justice, aside from the President of the US.

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Q: What is the highest ranking office in the US justice department?
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The Department of Justice was originally called the office of the Attorney General?


Which office is NOT part of the Department of Justice?

united states secret service

Was the department of justice originally called the office of the Attorney General?


What cabinet level office does the US attorney general head?

Department of Justice

Who is the highest ranking person in a democratic government?

The President is generally considered the highest ranking person though it can be argued that senior Senate members out rank the president because of their seniority and how short presidents stay in office

Is Vietnam ruled by a president or prime minister?

President is Vietnamese Politburo's highest-ranking position (Trương Tấn Sang is currently in office). Prime minister is only the third highest-ranking position after the minister of defence.

How do you report judicial misconduct directly to the US Department of Justice?

Speak directly to the United states Department of justice. The office of professional responsibility will hear and record complaint cases.

Who does the CIA get involved in order to obtain search warrants?

Department of Justice - US Attorneys Office

Does the attorney general of the US have to be an attorney?

The attorney general is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the country. Being as the justice department and not the attorney general himself, represents the government on cases he does not have to be a lawyer. Also there is no law saying he or she must be a lawyer. The United States Attorney's Office represents the government in litigation. The Solicitor General represents the government in matters before the United States Supreme Court only.

Who oversees a texas county district attorney?

District Attorneys are the highest officeholder in the jurisdiction's justice department - they oversee all of the Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs). The next highest office is the state's Attorney General, who oversees all of the prosecutions throughout the state. The current Attorney General of Texas is Greg Abbott.

What was Rod Blagojevich trying to do that got him removed from office?

The Justice Department complaint alleges that the governor conspired to commit several "pay-to-play" schemes, including attempting to sell then Barack Obama's vacated United States Senate seat to the highest bidder.

List various ministries in british government?

Only two of these Departments are actually called Ministries, and several are called Offices: Treasury Foreign & Commonwealth Office Home Office (controls policing, immigration, investigations and homeland security) Ministry of Defence Ministry of Justice Department of Health Department of Education (does not include Universities) Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (includes University education) Department of Work & Pensions Department of International Development (controls foreign aid) Department of Energy & Climate Change Department of Transport Department of Communities & Local Government Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Scotland Office Wales Office Northern Ireland Office Attorney General's Office