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Of course, it has more than one meaning. One is to use nuclear weapons in war but the other means to use drastic measures to complete an action.

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Q: What is the nuclear option?
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Can a nuclear option to ensure the defenses of Nigeria be thinkable and with what reasons?

nigeria has no need for nuclear weapons

What were other option rather an atomic bomb?

Atomic bombs are a type of Nuclear bomb and there are 2 types of nuclear bombs. The second type of nuclear bomb is a hydrogen bomb.

The nuclear option was derailed by a group of senators the media referred to as the what?

Gang of Fourteen

Why is France so dependent of nuclear energy?

France has a limited supply of coal and no oil or natural gas therrfor nuclear is their best option

When was The Samson Option - book - created?

"The Samson Option" by Seymour Hersh was first published in 1991. It explores Israel's nuclear weapons program and its strategy of deterrence, known as the "Samson Option."

What has the author Harlan D Platt written?

Harlan D. Platt has written: 'Can the nuclear option be scrapped?' -- subject(s): Energy policy, Government policy, Nuclear energy, Nuclear industry, Power resources

What is nuclear option?

Of course, it has more than one meaning. One is to use nuclear weapons in war but the other means to use drastic measures to complete an action.

What are the energy sources which can be developed in India?

All available energy sources are open to a country like India. They have nuclear capabilities so even nuclear power would be a developable option.

How do you use nuclear energy in a sentence?

Nuclear energy is obtained by the fissioning of nuclei of uranium235, in a controlled chain reaction in a nuclear reactor, which produces heat that can be converted to electricity by normal power plant methods.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Nuclear Option - 2007?

The cast of The Nuclear Option - 2007 includes: Alan Bunner as NASA Laban Coblentz as International Atomic Energy Agency Phillip Fink as Director - Nuclear Programs - Idaho National Lab Rob Goldston as Director - Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Dave Lockbaum as Union of Concerned Scientists John Passacantando as Executive Director - GreenPeace USA Jim Riccio as Anti-Nuclear Robby Tinker

Why people not understand the meaning of nuclear war?

because they are stupid and they dont realize that if we DID have a nuclear war they would be blasted off the planet of the earth and billions of trillions of people would die. nuclear war is NOT an option for war. but war in general is just plain dumb anyway thoguh.

Is nuclear energy a good thing or bad thing?

Nuclear energy has the potential to generate a large amount of power with minimal greenhouse gas emissions, making it a viable option for addressing climate change. However, the risks associated with nuclear accidents, nuclear waste disposal, and proliferation of nuclear weapons are major concerns that need to be carefully managed to ensure the safe use of nuclear energy.