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If you are referring to the President of the U.S. than the speech he is required to make by the Constitution is the State of the Union Address.

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Q: What is the only constitutionally required speech?
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Marching in a parade carrying slogans?

(in the US) a Constitutionally protected expression of freedom of speech.

Is this true or false The right of political protest is not constitutionally protected as an integral part of freedom of speech in the US?


Is there a date specified in the constitution for the state of union?

No. The Constitution merely requires that the President "from time to time" inform Congress as to the state of the union. It does not have to be a speech, and in fact every President from Thomas Jefferson until Woodrow Wilson submitted the state of the union in a letter to Congress. The speech traditionally takes place annually, but this is not constitutionally required.

How does Fortas defend the majority decision that free speech in school is constitutionally protected?

By citing a similar case, West Virginia v. Barnette, in which the Court decided that students are not required to salute the flag

Whose speech is read out every year in the house of lords to open the parliament?

The Queen's speech. Constitutionally, the Monarch is not permitted to enter the house of commons, so Her representative, Black Rod, summons the MP's to the House of Lords to hear the speech.

Do we really have freedom of speech in the United States?

Yes, we do. Although the current state of America makes you think twice sometimes. Constitutionally, yes.

What is the only question you need to answer on the 2010 Census form?

Constitutionally, only how many people live at the address.

When and which President of America from China?

It is required that an American President be born in the US of A Anyone who wants to be President of the US is Constitutionally required to be a natural-born citizen - so there can not be a US President from China.

What sentence has the word constitutionally?

It is constitutionally acceptable to say how you feel.

How does a hate crime differ from freedom of expression?

"Freedom of expression" allows you to exercise constitutionally protected FREE SPEECH. It does not allow you to commit a criminal act in pursuit of it.

What are the different kinds of speech that the Supreme Court has identified?

The Supreme Court has identified three types of speech: fully protected speech, which includes political or artistic expression and is protected by the First Amendment; partially protected speech, which includes commercial speech and is subject to certain restrictions; and unprotected speech, such as obscenity, defamation, and speech that incites violence, which is not protected by the First Amendment.

What part of speech is the phrase are required?

The phrase "are required" is a verb in its passive voice.