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Q: What is the percentage of federal tax withheld for every exemption claimed on w-4 form?
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What percentage of federal taxes are withheld from gross income?

Your employer payroll department would have to give you the correct percentage that they will be withholding for all of your federal taxes that they will be required to withhold from your gross income.

Can federal taxes withheld be tax deductible?

You cannot deduct withheld federal taxes on your federal income tax return. There are some states that allow the deduction of withheld federal taxes on the state income tax return.

What are used to determine the amount of federal taxes withheld from a paycheck?

what is used to determine the amount of federal taxes withheld from a paycheck

Most people mail the full amount owed in federal income tax each April?

No. Most people have a percentage of their income withheld for taxes.

What percentage of income is withheld for social security by the federal government?

Social Security also known as FICA is taxed at 6.2% of income. Medicare is taxed at 1.45%.

What is the most in percentage that can be withheld from income of 42000.00 for Federal withholding?

Actually, withholding is basically in your control, through the W-4. You could have 100% of your pay withheld if you wanted...which some people actually do..if they have a lot of income from other sources...or if they file with a spouse that does.

How much federal tax is withheld from 5000.00?


Income tax withheld from each paycheck and sent tot he state or federal government?

The correct amount that was withheld for each one will be sent separately to the state and to the federal government.

How is it possible to get a federal tax refund larger than the federal tax that was withheld?

Married tax credit and children's tax credits can cause a refund to be larger than what was withheld.

Do taxes automatically withheld from your weekly unemployment check?

Not federal taxes. If you want federal taxes withheld, you have to specifically request it. Remember that in 2009, the first $2400 per person of unemployment benefits is not subject to federal tax.

What are taxes that are withheld from workers paychecks?

on my w-2 the line where i should have federal taxes withheld has $0.00 and I want to know why

What is the amount of federal income taxes withheld recorded as?