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Q: What is the practice of imposing a 10-year exile on those who threatened to undermine the democratic constitution of Athens called?
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What can undermine the value of using standard costing?

Imposing standard costs without communicating in an honest, candid manner will undermine much of the perceived value of such costing.

Did the constitution ban states from imposing tariffs helping goods to flow freely around this country?

ahaha. You're in Clattenburgs arent you?

Did the constitution ban states from imposing tariffs helping goods to flow freely around the country?

ahaha. You're in Clattenburgs arent you?

The Constitution expressly prohibits the national government from?

Imposing taxes on exports, and from passing laws restraining certain liberties, such as the freedom of speech or religion.

Who suspended the constitution in Pakistan November 2007?

General Pervaiz Musharraf suspended constitution of Pakistan by imposing emergency. He suspended Chief Justice of Pakistan and many other senior judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

How do you spell imposing?

Imposing is correct.

What does imposing democracy mean?

Imposing democracy is the process of overthrowing a nondemocratic government by force, and then holding democratic elections, to begin a new system of government. This has been done recently in several locations, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Whether democracy will prove to be popular or will survive in those countries, remains to be seen.

How can you use imposing in a sentence?

the wrestler was very imposing

What is it called when a new law is created imposing penalties for acts that were not previously considered criminal?

Those are called ex post facto laws, and they're prohibited by the Constitution.

What is the 8th admanment?

The 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits excessive bail, fines, and cruel and unusual punishment. It ensures that the punishment for a crime is not disproportionate to the offense committed.

Congress protected the New England textile industry by imposing?

By imposing tariffs.

How do you use the word imposing in a sentence?

The imposing castle stood tall on the hill, demanding attention from all who passed by. The imposing presence of the CEO made the employees nervous during the meeting. Despite her small stature, the gymnast had an imposing presence on the floor.