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The punishment for murder in Brazil should ideally be capital punishment. However, this form of punishment is hardly used and most people get life imprisonment of long jail sentences depending on the degree.

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Q: What is the punishment for murder in Brazil?
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What is Brazil murder rate?

Brazil is the number one rated in murder's

Punishment of murder?

life sentence

What is the punishment for third degree murder in Pennsylvania?

The punishment for 2nd degree murder in PA is up to life in prison. The actual punishment will vary based on the crime and the circumstances in which it was committed.

What was the punishments for murder in 1888?

It would depend on the area but usually the punishment for murder was execution.

What is the punishment for murder in Japan?

Capital punishment is legal in Japan. The only crimes for which capital punishment is statutory are homicide and treason.

What types of capitol punishment are there?

murder piracy treason

How many years in prison for depraved heart murder?

Murder is murder. It depends on the state, and if capital punishment is in effect in that state.

What is the murder punishment in the russia?

8 to 15 years for unintentional murder, and 10 to 30 for intentional.

What is the punishment for attempted murder in Australia?

up to life in prison.

Does Ireland support capital punishment?

No. There is no capital punishment in Ireland. People convicted of murder are jailed with sentences up to life.

What punishment does arthur get for the murder of Luis in the novel tangerine?

hes a dick

What is the punishment for murder in Virginia?

A conviction for "murder" implies that the crime was the result of a pre-planned event (either the murder itself or perhaps as the result of an armed robbery, etc). Virginia is a death penalty state, therefore the punishment could very well be execution.