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The US Senate is also called the Upper House.

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The Senate is also possibly known as Congress.

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Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are collectively called Congress, and are both parts of the Legislative Branch.

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Q: What is the senate also called?
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What is upper congress known as?

The senate is also called the upper house.

What is another name for a senate?

Another name for a senate is an upper house or a chamber of parliament.

What is the vp of the senate called?

the vp of the senate

What is the head of the senate called?

president of the senate

What is a person in the senate called?

these people are called senators!!! thank you thank you!!

Is the senates' leader called a Speaker?

No, the leader of the senate is called the majority leader.

Was The lower house called the Senate?

The Senate is the "upper" house.

What are the roles of presiding officers in the senate?

The presiding officer of the Senate is called the President Pro-Tempore. He keeps order and decorum in the Senate, he appoints Senate officers, and he rules on contested issues. His power is more limited than his counterpart in the House.

Why aren't members of the Senate also called representatives?

Simply stated the Constitution established three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. And it further divided the legislative branch into the House of Representative and the Senate. That's their proper names, which is why they are capitalized. And that's your answer. Members of the Senate are called Senators because they belong to the Senate. They are not called Representatives because they do not belong to the House of Representatives.

What is the senator called that presides over the Senate?

He is called the president pro tempore of the Senate, an office traditionally held by the majority party Senator with the most seniority in the Senate.

How are the upper house delegates determined?

The upper house also called Senate. The delegates are called as Senators that's how the upper house delegates are determined.

Which branch divided into the house and senate?

The branch is divided into 2 parts in the government whose parts are called the Senate and the House of representatives is called Congress.