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Q: What is the series of parliamentary measures that led colonists to violent resistance?
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What is resistance activities?

Active resistance is a violent way of protesting the government, unlike passive resistance, which is nonviolent.

What year did the colnflict between Britain and the colonists turn violent?


In which state did Freedom Riders encounter violent resistance?


Why did the king repeal the stamp act?

Because of boycott and violent protests by colonists

Who did Martin Luther King Jr pattern on non-violent resistance after?

The answer is Ghandi.

Were tax on tea reasonable?

the british put tax on tea cause the colonists were being violent

Were violent or peaceful methods used in the cultural revolution?

Mostly violent measures. Although estimates vary, probably over 3 million people met with a violent death because of the Cultural Revolution.

Who led a powerful non violent resistance to British colonial rule in India?


Who was the Indian spiritual leader that promoted non-violent resistance to oppression?

Mahatma Gandhi

Why was Mohandas Gandhi successful?

His belief, practice and teaching of "Passive" (non-violent) resistance.

What country engaged in violent resistance against British indirect rule in 1929?


What was Gandhi's tactic of Satyagraha primarily aimed towards?

Non-violent protest, or peaceful resistance.