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Q: What is the trading of votes between members of congress so that each gets the legislation he or she wants?
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Would Congress make laws on trading?

Congress has the duty and the right to make the laws on trading. Congress was specifically granted the power over interstate commerce.

Under the Articles of Confederation Congress could NOT?

Under the Articles of Confederation, the federal government was a unicameral meaning it had only one house with one member from each state. To pass any legislation, 9 out of 13 members were needed. Congress could not levy taxes or even regulate trade among the states. They did not even had the power to draft soldiers. The Articles were drawn up during the war. Problems after the war could not be solved by the Articles. Not only Congress had limited power but the President had no power at all.

What earns college or trading money in congress?


What is the 1793 Act of Congress granting coastal license?

The 1793 Act of Congress provided congressional members with the ability to grant coastal trading capabilities. These powers allow congress to monitor the exports to other countries and give them the ability to create trade treaties.

What is government logrolling?

Government logrolling refers to a practice in which politicians or legislators agree to support each other's proposed legislation or projects in order to gain mutual benefits or favors. It often involves trading votes or support on different issues in order to achieve their own policy goals or secure resources for their constituents. This practice can be seen as a way to build alliances and overcome opposition, but it can also lead to the passage of legislation that may not be in the best interest of the public.

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What are the differences between wrongful trading and fraudulent behavior?

Fraudulent Trading - Trading (offence) which is intentionally carried on by members or directors of the company to deceive creditors or any participation intended to fraud others. It is criminal offence. Wrongful Trading - Trading (offence) which is carrying on by directors even if the winding up was inevitable and they knew or ought to have known about it. It is civil offence. By Gautam Pokharel Kathmandu, Nepal.

What do the EU and NAFTA have in common?

They are trading blocs with countries as members.

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Is migrating the same thing as trading?

Not really. Trading generally refers between two Games of the same plataform. Migrating is, in my experience, trading between a pkmn GBA game and a pkmn DS game using a ds. So migrating is trading between generations, while trading is in the same generation ( there aré exceptions)