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Q: What is the value of a token 1935 emergency school tax on purchase of five cents?
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Is there a George Washington coin or token quarter size double faced dated 1789-1797 that says George Washington first president?

Probably hundreds of different ones. One was given out by a chain of gas stations in the 1950s.

What is the value of a 1867 nova scotia coin with and emblem of and man and a unicorn on one side and the mayflower on the other side?

I sold mine for over 6,000 Canadian. hi where did you sell your coin i have one too I've just found one and my research is telling me that it's a collector's coin/token from a Canadian Gas Station that were given out during the 60's and 70's. The most common answer that I'm finding for it's value is $3 to $6 in very good condition. I hope this helps.

What is the value of a Department of Treasury coin of 1789?

It's not a coin and it's not from 1789. This is a token piece that's struck on a cent blank and included each year with mint sets. There's one with a D for Denver and another with P for Philadelphia. The year 1789 refers to the date that the Department of the Treasury was established. These pieces do not have the year of mintage on them they are not particularly collectible. They're worth at most 1 cent.

Where did the battle of Liege take place?

The Battle of Liege took place from Aug. 5-16, 1914, in Belgium. The Germans marched through neutral Belgium on their way to Paris. They thought they would encounter no or only token resitance. However, they were suprised that the Belgians put up a decent fight. This was the first land battle of WWI. The Germans brought out a 'new' gun, 'Big Bertha', a large howitzer with which they shelled the 12 forts surrounding Liege. German commander Luddendorf finally convinced the fort in the center to surrender and thus gained a strategic advantage for the Germans. Eventually the Belgians were pushed back to Antwerp. It is said that Liege was a moral victory for the Allies.

What are brothel tokens and how were they used?

Brothels tokens are metallic discs similar to coins, minted mostly in brass or bronze. Most of the original pieces were used in French brothels from 1900 to 1920. Some of the French brothels are: Les Belles Poules, Mignon, Les Glaces, Les Faunes. The French tokens are solid metal or metal sandwiched with cardboard ("shellcard"). They show in the obverse side the name and address of the brothel and in the reverse side a rooster, angel or a woman. The rooster and angel designs are imitation of current french gold coins. Most tokens were used as advertisement for the brothels. Those with a face value were used as currency for the brothel bar. Similar tokens were used in Belgium, Spain and Switzerand. The size is similar to a United States nickel. We known some genuine brothels tokens used in Argentina. One of them used by The Petit Trianon brothel located in Rosario Argentina.One very rare token was used in the brothel El Farol Colorado on the Uruguay and Argentina frontier. Some pieces probably used on Colombia and Cuba. One very rare piece is known from Algeria and the design in the reverse is a cat head. The name of the brothel was the black cat in french "Le chat noir". In Mexico, some of the cantinas or brothels located in the frontier border of the United States used genuine tokens. Some of them show the design of a naked woman. In the United States, coin dealers sell the so called brothels tokens. They are fantasies made mostly in the 1960's to 1980's. They are brass discs of about the size of a siver dollar with the name of the brothel, city and other legends incuse. Most of them have the inscription SCREW, LADIES FOR YOUR PLEASURE. Others types are rectangular or odd shape and have XIX century dates. They are known more than one hundred of those fantasies never used as token by brothels in the United Staes. A company manufacture actually those tokens to any person interested with the specifications the client sent. Some collectors included in the brothels tokens some oriental pieces similar to Chinese old coins. They show in one side Chinese characters and in the other some couples in different sexual positions. Those pieces probably used as love or fertilty amulets instead as brothel pass. Some of the pieces look old but most of them probably made recently. In recent years, some brothels in Nevada in United Staes, made a tokens similar to the casino tokens most of them with photos of beautiful nude women. These are promotional pieces selling in the brotel. Actually, some of the brothels minted beautiful tokens of about the size of a siver dollar in sterling. Their use probably is as advertisement. Genuine brothels tokens are rare or very rare pieces. The most common are some french pieces that can obtain between the $15.00 to $40.00 range. Last year, I sold my collection of 25 genuine brothels pieces in Ebay for $3,200. Was bought by two collectors in the United States. I obtained a bid profit because I paid about $500.00 for all the pieces. I begnning the auction at very low prices and sold in higher prices. For example, a plastic token used in Mexico for pay drinks to the prostitutes I acquired about five years ago in $15.00. I listed in the same price and was sold in $315.00 for a profit of $300.00. Probably this information can be useful. Any person interested to communicate with the author please write to: or Luis Antonio Rodríguez. P.O. Box 334434, Ponce, Puerto Rico, 00733-4434. Luis Antonio Rodríguez Vázquez Numismatic and collector Author of several books and booklets of Puerto Rico numismatic.

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What is the value of a tax commission tax token State of Washington tax on purchase 10 cents or less CH 160 Laws 1935?

These generally sell for about a dollar.

What are token?

It's when you pay 25 cents to a woman for bondage.

What are 3 coins that make 10?

A dime and two (worthless) token coins makes ten cents!

How much does 1 token at galaxy world cost?

1 token is 50 cents but there are offers like $5 for 12 token and it goes higher. Most games require 1/2/3 tokens. it cheaper to put tokens that money.

How much money do you need to get 30 coins at Chuck E. Cheese's?

$7.50 each token is .25 cents.

What is the value of a retailer's occupation token for one and a half cents from the State of Illinois Department of Finance?

About a dollar.

How much is the value of a XMARK IDX 0.984A075 TOKEN worth in value of scrap silver and its value in general?

50 cents

How much is a 1813 one penny token worth?

Well, Based on years of studying the 1813 one penny token, I have deduced that it is worth around $2.35. Yes, that's two dollars and thirty five cents.

What is the value of a square Camay 3 cakes toilet soap for 15 cents save money token?

Usually squares (coupons) have no cash value. What it means is that the price of 3 cakes of Camay will be reduced by 15 cents when you make the purchase using the coupon. Good For Tokens like these have limited collector interest and are generally worth a couple dollars or less.

Why shouldent kids bring toys to school?

They will get lost,token away and been broken.

What is the value of an old One Fare School Token?

August 8, 2009 The One Fare School Token is from SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). Used in Philadelphia there were 4 million of them issued in 1994 and have a current value of $1.25.

How much does one chuck e cheeses token cost?

Each coin is 25 cents. But if you sign up on their website they give you a lot of great coupons.