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None is the weakest; they are all equal.

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Q: What is the weakest branch of government?
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What is the weakest branch in government?

No branch is designed to be the weakest in power, otherwise the whole idea behind separate branches of government would fail. There are three branches of government that have checks and balances on each other, in order to ensure that no one branch is more powerful than the other.

Which part of government was considered the weakest because it did not have "power of the purse or sword"?

judicial branch

In which system is Central government weakest?

Confederate government

What is the weakest form of government?


Is the IRS government a legit branch?

No, the IRS government is not a legit branch. The IRS works for a branch of the government but it does not have its own branch. The IRS works for the executive branch.

What is the Knossos government branch?

This a government justice Branch. This branch was written in Knossos.

What system central government weakest?

Confederate government

What branch of government is the president chief of?

The president is chief of the executive branch of government.

What branch of government is created by Article one?

Article 2 of the Constitution sets up the Executive Branch of Government.

In a Republican government which branch is strongest?

The strongest branch of the government is the executive branch

Fourth branch of government definition?

There is no 4th branch of government.

How is the government organized?

the government has 3 branches, the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive branch. That is actually the us government.