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When the Americans declared their independence from Britain, they were faced with the question of what type of government to have. They had to decide on having monarchy, democracy, or republic.

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Q: What issues did Americans face after they declared their independence from Britain?
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What war lasted from 1812 to 1815?

The war of 1812. A conflict between United States and Great Britain. USA declared war in order to solve many issues remaining from the War of Independence.

How popular was the idea of independence from Great Britain among the American colonists before the Revolution?

The idea of Independence was split 50-50 at best. One of the major issues facing the Americans during the Revolution was the fact that so many of the American colonists were loyal to the crown.

How did britain's neglect of colonies lead to independence?

It was actually Britain being too involved in the colonies' issues. The neglect part was where the colonies had no participation in parliament.

How might the Declaration of Independence to questions over the issues of slavery?

Very simple answer... The Declaration of Independence declared "all men are created equal...".... well, except the slaves (question mark).

What issues did Americans face after they declared their independence from great Britain?

finding foreign countries who wanted to trade

What is the second part of declaration of independe?

ideas about Government-------------------------my answerThe second part declares independence from Britain, and lists the colonies' issues against the British government.

What issues brought on the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was the result of military rebellion between the 13 American colonies and Great Britain. The British tried to impose taxes on the Americans and the Americans did not feel this was fair.

What did British forces do during their invasion of the United states?

America declared war on Britain in 1812 there were many issues of conflict-as a consequence the war was fought on several fronts.New Orleans in the south and Canada in the north for example, the outcome served to reinforce the independence of the Canadians and sorted out any bad blood between the British and the Americans. Neither side gained or lost territory This led to future good relations between the two countries. A treaty was signed at Ghent in Belgium in 1814. To answer your question directly -the British forces fought the American forces.

Why did france and Britain fight in the war-?

France and Britain (as well as the Commonwealth countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. ) declared war on Germany on September 3,1939 after Germany invaded Poland. France and Britain had an alliance with Poland.

What major battles leaders and events contribeted to the history of the war of 1821?

The only war in 1821 was the War of Greek Independence. If you are referring to the War of 1812, the main causes were unresolved issues from the American Revolution, the impressment of Americans by the British Navy, and Britain's support of Native American tribes against expansion by the settlers.

What two important document were published in 1776.?

Common Sense by Thomas Paine, which explained issues in clear language to ordinary language, and the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson at the request of the Second Continental Congress and addressed to King George III, which declared that the colonies were free and no longer owned by the British Empire.

Before the mid-18th century dictated military trade and monetary policy but had a lot of control over local issues?

The Crown (Britain), The Colonies (Americans) is the right answer.