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The Executive Branch does not have the constitutional power to pass "law." However certain portions of the Executive Branch can issue Executive Orders, which can have the force of law.

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Q: What kind of laws does the executive branch produce?
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What branch of government enforces laws?

executive branch

What does the executive branch do for the laws?

The executive branch passes the laws

Which branch enforces laws?


Which branch of the government is responisble for carrying out laws?

The branch of government that is responsible for carrying out the nation's laws is the executive. The laws are usually made by the legislative branch.

Who carrys out the laws?

The executive branch carries out all the laws

What do the executive branch do with the laws?

The executive branch makes sure laws are carried out.

Branch of government that enforces laws?

The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the law.

What branch carries out laws and enforces them?

County, State, and Federal.

Which branch recommends laws?

The Executive branch is the branch that recommends laws. The President of the US is the head of the Executive branch.

What executive branch do?

The executive branch carries out the laws.

Does the executive branch decide if laws are constitutional?

The Executive Branch Passes The Laws CR

What is the responsibilities for executive branch?

The power of the executive branch is enforce the laws,the power of the legislative branch is to make laws, and the power of the judicial branch is to interpret the laws