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The Spanish and Hispanic Americans sent gunpowder, clothing, blankets, medicine, uniforms, tents, guns, cannons, and other equipment to take care of the Continental Army and help them to fight the Revolution.

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Q: What kind of supplies are needed in the Revolutionary War please help?
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How did Spanish help the Americans in the revolutionary war?

money and supplies

What help did Europe give to the Patriots of the Revolutionary Rar?

they were sending supplies to the patriots

How did friends help the Americans during the revolutionary war?

by sending military supplies

What country not help us during the Revolutionary War with soldiers money supplies and or experts?


How did france help americans during the Revolutionary War?

France helped the US during the revolutionary war.france and spain

How did Spain help the American in revolutionary war?

They sold conquered territories to the Americans. By sending money and supplies

What nation most needed American help in 1941 and why?

Great Britain needed the most help, since it had no money to buy war supplies with Germany.

How did France help the American in revolutionary war?

by sending military supplies

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The division of the land in the Northeast territory into townships was needed to?

they had to fight in the Revolutionary war as well as help pay for it

Which was an advantage that colonials had over the British during the Revolutionary War?

Regular supplies Experience with guerilla-style tactics Knowledge of terrain Help from France

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