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high tariff

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Q: What kind of tariffs did the North support?
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Why did northerners support tariffs?

The north supported tariffs because it protected their industries and factories. Since the economy of the north was based off of their type of production, they wanted people to buy goods from them, not foreign markets.

How are the North and South different from their suggestion of tariffs?

the north and the south both had differnt veiws or belives on tariffs. The North wanted tariffs and the south did not.

What did Cleveland's position on tariffs and what did he do to support that stand?

what was cleveland position on tariffs and what did he do to promote this poistion

How did north and south feel about tariffs?

The north approved protection for tariffs, people bought cheaper manufactured goods.

Did Jefferson support protective tariffs?


What were the main industries in north?


Why did the north and south have different attitudes toward height tariffs?

Tariffs dealt with their trade.

What kind of support does Voadafone's website provide?

The Vodafone website provides a wide range support pages to its customers. Help is available with tariffs, international calling, mobile internet and hardware issues.

Why did Governor Hayne of The North higher tariffs because tariffs . The South higher tariffs because tariffs South Carolina favor states' rights?

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Did the north support tariffs?

Yes the North did seek high tariffs in the antebellum days. This was due to the idea that unless imported goods were taxed, Northern factories might lose business to foreign enterprises. They especially wanted the South to be the exclusive buyers of its products to help the plantation system that then existed in the South.

Why did the west support the tariffs during the antebellum period?

Because it was the South that mostly needed the imports that the tariffs were levied on.

Why did the North and the South have different attitudes toward higher tariffs?

Because Tariffs deal with their trade... which is bad.