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France has a president. A democracy.

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a dum one

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Q: What kind of voting system does France have?
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How does France elect?

voting system by town and area

What was part of the election process for president France?

a runoff voting system

What was France's voting system like before the revolution?

It was three Estates, each with a single vote.

France and Great Britain expanded voting rights?

France and Great Britain expanded voting rights.

What is the election process for the president of France?

A runoff voting system. Good luck study island users!

How are the laws in France voted?

by voting

What did Louis Philippe refuse to do in France?

If you are on Odysseyware: Broaden Voting Rights.broaden voting rights

What system did the voting rights act lead to?

in which possess does voting right system fall?

What kind of economic system does France have?

mixed economy between socialist and capitalist

Why is the papal conclave voting system based on the Masonic voting system?

The papal conclave system of voting is not based on anything Masonic. It has been in existence long before the Masons were founded.

How did voting rights change in Europe due to the revolts to the mid 1800s?

france and great britain expanded voting rights.

In France Louis Philippe refused to?

Broaden voting rights