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the law of the men. (7:14)

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Q: What law says women can vote?
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What did the women's did to have the right to vote?

women had the right to vote in the 1920. the law of women being able to vote is the 19th amendment in the constitution.

Why was Anthony arrested?

It was against the law for women to vote.

How did the women receive the right to vote?

Women received the right to vote in 1920. The 19th amendment was made into law especially for the right for women to vote. The 15th amendment is for other races to vote.

What amendment says women cannot vote?

There is no amendment that states woman can't vote.

What rights does the Bill of Rights say that women have?

the 19th amendment says the women have the right to vote.

When was the law made that women were not allowed to vote?

It wasn't so much a law that they couldn't vote, as just that it wasn't thought proper for a woman to vote. The Constitution specified any man could vote, but didn't even contemplate the concept that women might want to vote as well.

Why women couldn't vote?

The law didn't allow them to vote. At one time only landowners could vote and women were not allowed to own land. It all changed after World War 1

Did the law ever state that women cannot vote?

Yes, at one time the law stated woman could not vote, and it also stated only men who owned property could vote.

What did the Nineteenth Amendment say?

Basically it States that women get the same rights as men do.

Who got to vote in the 1920s?

Men were able to vote in the 1920s as long as they were older than 21. Women could vote if they were over 30, a law passed by the British Parliamant, the law was changed that women could vote at the age of 21 in 1928. African Americans could not vote until The Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Which amendment of the bill of rights says women can vote?

The 19th Amendment, passed in 1919.

How do you make laws?

In the US Congress writes the law.It is sent to the US President for approval, who then signs the bill or says that it is not right to be a law. Then they vote and the vote has to be two thirds, that is how they make a law.