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Jim Crow Laws

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Q: What laws segragated schools hospitals and theaters?
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What is the role of the federal government?

It looks after hospitals, taxes, schools and laws.

What has changed since Victorian times?

schools,laws,buildings/roads,libaries,hospitals post office police station

What are the workers compensation laws for hospitals?

Workers compensation laws differ from country to country. The laws for hospitals do not differ very much from the workers compensation laws for other businesses.

Why are suppliers of of military equipment exempt from antitrust laws?

Why Are Hospitals Exempt from Antitrust Laws

How do you get a movie that's still in theaters?

You don't. That would violate copyright laws.

What is something the government does that affects you on a daily basis?

Government creates laws and regulations which affect you on a daily basis. Government also collects taxes to build roads, bridges, hospitals and schools which also affects your daily life.

Are there New York state laws mandating hospitals to treat people with out insurance?


Is the operation of schools is written into the national or state constitution?

No. Special laws are passed concerning schools.

Can you hunt next to a school?

Hunting laws and regulations may differ from nation to nation, state to state and county to county. In most nations it is however forbidden as a civilian to bring any sort of firearm within a certain radius of buildings like schools or hospitals.

Which did the desegregation laws affect the most?

public schools

How did Jim crow laws go against the American ideals?

African Americans hated the Jim crow lawsAnswerIt didn't go against them, they probably felt that it was only fair and that the black people shouldn't be interactin with them.

Why is kick-ass the movie not on any websites?

It's still in theaters. Anyone who puts it online is violating copyright laws.