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All revenue bills must start in the House of Representatives. Represenatives do not have unlimited time to talk on the floor. They can be over-looked or given a time limit by the rules of the House of the Speaker of the House. Senators have no time limits and may talk indefinately unless there is a cloture vote in which other members of the Senate vote to halt discussions of the current item before the Senate.

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Debate is more restricted on the House floor than on the Senate floor

The amendment process is more restricted in the House than in the Senate

A Rule Committee sets the guidelines for floor debate in the House but not in the Senate

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Q: What main differences exist between the house and the senate in the lawmaking process?
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Do the senate or the house of representatives have lawmaking responsibilities?


What was the ancient Roman law making body?

The Senate was the main lawmaking body.

Which sentence would Senate be capitalized Ancient Romans called their lawmaking assembly a Senate or The upper house of the US Congress is the Senate?

The second one because its talking about the presidential type senate and the first is talking about what the name of a lawmaking assembly.

The real differences between the House of the Senate lie in their?


What is the purpose of conference committees in congress?

They are formed to settle differences between House and Senate versions of the same bill.

What are the two U.S lawmaking bodies of the U.S congress?

The Senate and the House of Representatives.

What is the lawmaking progress' steps?

The lawmaking process differs depending what government a person has. In the U.S, a bill is a suggestion of a law that a congressman feels the country needs. The House of Reps. votes to either discuss the bill or wait. If it passes in the House and the Senate, it moves to the president who can sign it into law or veto it.

Why is it necessary for a bill to be condsidered by a comittee?

To iron out any differences between the House and Senate

What are the two other names for the lawmaking branch discussed in article one of the constitution?

Legislative, and congress and senate

Who has US lawmaking powers?

The Senate and the House of Representatives have the power tomake laws. (the legislative power)

What is the law making procedure?

The lawmaking procedure involves drafting a bill, introducing it in either the House or Senate, holding committee hearings and debates, making amendments, voting on the bill in both chambers, reconciling any differences between the versions passed by each chamber, and finally sending the bill to the President for approval or veto.

What conflict did the framers resolved by choosing a bicameral legislation?

The framers resolved the conflict between large and small states by creating a bicameral legislature with the House of Representatives based on population and the Senate with equal representation for each state. This compromise balanced the needs of both types of states in the lawmaking process.