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Q: What major foreign policy George Washington face?
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How do you describe the major shift in foreign policy under President George Washington bush and the approach President Barack Obama has taken in foreign policy 2009 to 2011?

They had to have them because they dealt with foreign nations

What was a major policy of George Washington?


These is a major type of policy?


What policy did George Washington develop in regards to foreign nations?

George Washington argued that the United States should not interfere with the affairs of foreign nations in his Farewell Address. The French Revolution and British aid to the Native Americans in an effort against the US had prompted many Americans to promote aiding the French (France and Britain were enemies). Washington warned against such entanglement, realizing that the United States was too young and weak to win another war against a major European power.

What idea was the major justification for U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War era?

what idea was the major justification for U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War era?

Congress's four major powers that pertain to foreign policy?

Congress has four major powers that pertain to foreign policy. These are the power to declare war, to trade with foreign nations, to support an army or navy, and to support a militia.

Which official is not a major actor in American foreign policy?


How did foreign officers help George Washington?

Von Steuben put his book knowledge on artillery to practice. Lafayette was a major officer who, despite his young age, helped Washington corner Cornwallis. There were others.

What was Eisenhower's foreign policy?

brinkmanship, massive retaliation

What county was George Washington major of?


What was the first major foreign policy disaster of the kennedy administration?

His assassination.

What was a major element of Reagan foreign policy?

Increasing defense spending