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Silent Majority

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Q: What majority did Richard Nixon say elected him?
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What laugh in catchphrase did Richard Nixon say?

sock it to me

Did Richard Nixon say sock it to you?

Richard Nixon did say 'sock it to me' on an episode of 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh In'. It took place on September 16, 1968 while he was campaigning for president.

When did Richard Nixon say You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore?


What four-word catchphrase did Richard Nixon say on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In?

sock it to me

What would Richard Nixon say if you asked him if he were still president today what would he do?

Nobody can really say, except for Mr. Nixon, and as he is no longer with us, I guess we'll never know.

Who served as president of the U.S. but was never elected?

Gerald Ford served as president of the United States but was never elected. He became vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned and later assumed the presidency when Richard Nixon resigned. Ford became president without winning a national election.

Who was never elected as the president of the U.S?

A number of people have served as President without being elected President, the first such being John Tyler, who, as Vice-President, became President when William Henry Harrison died in office. However, Tyler was elected Vice-President.The person the question most likely has in mind is Gerald Ford, who was appointed Vice-President by Richard Milhous Nixon when then Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew resigned. When Nixon himself later resigned, Ford became President.It's not quite true to say that Ford was "never elected" ... he was elected to the House of Representatives as a representative of Michigan and was serving as House Minority Leader when Nixon appointed him Vice-President. However, he was certainly never elected to either the position of President or Vice-President.

Did Richard Nixon ever say what his biggest presidential regret or failure was?

No. He never admitted what he did wrong and the Watergate incident was only brought to the public's attention through the media whereupon Nixon retired.

Why was John F. Kennedy elected?

JFK defeated Richard Nixon in November 1960.

Did the Watergate scandal affect Nixon's re-election chances?

Nixon was already in his second term and could not be re-elected again when the scandal broke. If you mean,did the watergate burglary affect the re-election of Nixon in 1972, I would say not. The burglary was foiled before anything was taken and would not have had great effect anyway.

Who was elected Genghis Khan and what does it mean?

Genghis Khan means 'lord of all' Temujin was the original name of the person 'elected' Genghis Khan; Elected is dubious because while he was acclaimed by his tribesmen, the vast majority of the people living under him had no say in the matter!

Who were the werst presidents ever in the US?

its all an opinion but most Americans say that the werst presidents were: Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, and Lyndon B. Johnson.