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Q: What man gained political support by providing jobs and services to both immigrants and African Americans?
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Historically the local party machine furnished important services and protection?

For immigrants and the poor, the political machine often furnished important services and protections.

Tammany Hall?

Was powerful New York political organization. It drew support from immigrants. The immigrants relied on Tammany Hall patronage, particularly for social services. This is significant in that it gave immigrants rights to vote.

How did the existence of separate black churches benefit the African-American community?

These churches often became political,cultural and social centers for african americans by providing school and other services that whites denied free blacks

What does county mean in the dictionary?

a political and administrative division of a state, providing certain local governmental services.

What does HHSD stand for?

HHSD stands for "Health and Human Services Department." This department is responsible for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services.

Besides providing direct services to immigrants the reformers of the hull house worked for general goals like?

Antisweatshop laws to protect women and child laborers

Political reaction against new immigration has been most visible in?

referenda passed in California that limited immigrants' access to social services and bilingual education

What was one argument against immigration?

rants will take American jobs, lower our wages, and especially hurt the poor.” This is the most common argument and also the one with

What are settlement houses?

A settlement house is an institution in an inner-city area providing educational, recreational, and other social services to the community.

How did social organizations help African American communities?

By providing important stuff like education

What is 'providing' when translated from English to Italian?

"Providing" in English is fornitura for services of providing in Italian.

What kind of services did the settlement houses provide to the new immigrants?

The services the settlement houses provide to the new immigrants was persecution which means being punished for your beliefs.