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The men who never won a presidential election are: you me billions of others The U.S. Presidents who never won a U.S. presidential election are: John Tyler Millard Fillmore Andrew Johnson Chester A. Arthur Gerald R. Ford

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Chester A.arthur
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John Tyler

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Q: What man was never president of the US?
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Who is the us female president?

The US has never had a female President nor vice-president.

Was Nelson Mandela a US president?

Nelson Mandela was never a US president. He was president of South Africa.

Who was the female president in the US?

No one, we have never had a female president.

Did every US president marry?

No. There was one US president, James Buchanan, who never was married.

Which US President was adopted and was never elected President?

Gerald Ford.

Was millard ford a president?

There has never been a US President by that name.

Who was President thomas dewey?

Thomas Dewey was never President of the US.

What man was elected twice as US Vice-President and twice as US President?

Richard Nixon.

When did thomas Edison serve as president?

Thomas Edison was never US President. He was an inventor and served as the president of his own company.

Every president in the US has been a man Does the Constitution require the president to be a man?

No, there is nothing in the Constitution forbidding women from being president.

Who was the president that was never Time's Man of the Year?

Richard Nixon

What president was born in log cabin and never married?

The only US President to never marry was James Buchanan.