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a ghost

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Q: What modern American values might be familiar to a 17th century Puritan?
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Why were the Puritan Town Meetings significant?

The Puritan town meetings helped to open the doors to modern day democracy. Everyone would get together, issues would be talked about and then they would vote on them. During this period however, to have your vote heard, you had to be a male church member and property holder.

What year is the 13th century in the 1300s 1400s or 1500s?

The 13th century refers to the 1200s. For a modern example, we are in the year 2010 but the 21st century.

What does American Modern Furniture mean?

American Modern® is the trademarked brand of furniture designed by the influential industrial designer Russel Wright in 1935. "American Modern" furniture designed by Russel Wright was originally manufactured by the Conant-Ball Furniture Company in Gardner, Massachusetts beginning in 1935, and continues to be manufactured new and is still widely available today. It is premium-quality, US manufactured solid hardwood furniture, typically birch or maple, finished in a natural "blonde," a term coined by Mary Wright in 1935. Every piece of authentic Russel Wright® American Modern® furniture is branded with Russel's trademarked signature, leading to a secondary meaning of American Modern® furniture as any furniture that has that signature modern American "Russel Wright-look." American Modern furniture means it is either the Russel Wright® American Modern® brand of furniture, or it has the desirable identified likeness of the "Russel Wright-look."

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The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism. The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism.

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What modern American values might be familiar to 17th century puritan?

a ghost

What jobs do Puritan men do in modern society?

Puritan Men had to wash dishes.Sometimes they had to farm and sometims they had to Preach the lords word.Some Puritan Men had to baby sit there children while the women worked in the farm or barn.

How do puritan beliefs continue to influence American society?

Because the Puritans of 17th Century America believed in the rightness of their beliefs and that the spiritual and business world were complimentary, they resemble, to some degree, the religious right of modern US politics. Their morals were strict and not relative: they were fundamentalists when it came to their interpretation of the Bible.

What aspects of early American culture are still present in your modern culture?

Puritan values and some old British traditions. Many southerners and Americans living in the east coast hold ture to their Puritan ancestors' ways of life which is based on being pure and repentant. Also some of our cuisine, I'm talking about the Anglo-American cuisine is influenced from British cuisine, for example Sunday Roast is a roast-beef dish originating from England.

What was a drummer in puritan times?

A drummer in Puritan times was a musician who played drums to communicate messages, signals, and orders in military or civic settings. They were essential for conveying information efficiently in the absence of modern communication methods.

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The Velocipede was a type of early bicycle with pedals that were attached to the front wheel. It was a precursor to the modern bicycle and was popular in the 1860s before being replaced by the more familiar chain-driven bikes.

What century was the modern state of Israel created?

The 20th century, specifically May 14, 1948.

Is Albania modern?

Albania is not modern it started in 4th century

What type of religion was puritain?

Puritanism is a kind of Protestantism; in the modern United States, "Puritan" churches are called Congregational churches.

Which puritan beliefs are still important in the modern US?

sexual repression, the primary importance of money, laws against fun.

When is modern music from?

21st century

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