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All treaties must ratified by the Senate before they take effect.

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Any treaty negotiated by the President must be approved by at least two-thirds of the Senate.

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Must be approved by the senate.

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Q: What must occur after the president negotiates a treaty?
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What branch of government negotiates treaties?

The executive (the President) negotiates the terms of treaties. The Senate must approve them as a condition of their ratification.

Who has the power to negotiate treaties?

The Secretary of State negotiates treaties but they must be approved by the President and ratified by the Senate.

What is the process of treaty making?

The President negotiates international agreements, and the Senate must approve it by a two-thirds popular vote before the treaty made by the president can become effective.... government stuffs can be so confusing.... :)

Can the president approve a foreign treaty?

No. He can make and propose a treaty but it must be approved by congress.

Who must agree to a treaty made by a president?


Which branch gives advice and consent for the treaties?

The Secretary of State typically negotiates treaties. The Senate must ratify any treaty before it become binding.

Who must the president get agreement from before he makes a treaty?

The President is supposed to consult with the Senate

A treaty must be approved by who?

Approved by the president, ratified by the senate.

Must happen before the President can sign a peace treaty?

the congress must approve

When a President signs a treaty with a foreign country who else has to consent to it?

Congress must also consent to the treaty.

How many Senators must concur with the President in order to make a treaty?

2/3 of them must vote

Treaty made by the President must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the?

the Senate.