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molly pitcher was the nickname

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Q: What nickname did George Washington give to molly pitcher?
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What award did George Washington give Molly Pitcher?

how many money did molly pitcher get from Gorge Washigton

Why did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname molly pitcher?

How did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname "Molly Pitcher"? h

What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's Nickname?

Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley's nickname was Molly Pitcher

When did Molly pitcher marry George McCauley?

Molly Pitcher married her second husband, George McCauley in 1789.

What was Mary Ludwig hays nickname?

Molly Pitcher

At the battle of Monmouth what nickname did Mary hays?

Molly Pitcher

Why did George Washington change Molly Pitchers name to Sergeant Molly?

Because She helped the soldiers and she was giving drinks to them from a pitcher but then he named her sergeant molly because she helped them claim that piece where they fought as their land.

What did George mccauley do?

He married Molly Pitcher!-

What were Molly's Pitcher major events of life?

molly pitchers important events in her life were that she took over the cannon when her husband was wounded. She was also named a solider by George Washington.

At the battle of Monmouth what nickname did Mary hays take?

Molly Pitcher

Why did Mary Ludwigs name change?

molly pitcher because her nickname was molly but when she grabbed the pitcher and gave a drink to the falling soldiers in he revolutionary war the soldiers called her molly pitcher at he end of the war and is known by that name today

In what battle did Mary Ludwig eaern the nickname Molly Pitcher?

Battle of Monmouth