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Office of Inspector General

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Q: What of the governmental agencies or departments provides compliance program guidelines?
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What types of audits do governmental agencies undergo?

Audits of governmental agencies are typically both financial and compliance audits.

How many gov't agencies are there?

This site has an alphabetical listing of all federal governmental departments and agencies. Have fun counting :)

What are the alphabet agents?

Did you mean "alphabet agencies"? It's a term for governmental departments that are usually known by their initials, such as IRS, NASA, etc.

What does the bureaucracy consist of?

all offices, agencies and departments in the government.

What is purpose of independent agencies?

Independent agency is a regulatory agency established by congress. Several different tasks are performed by independent agencies, It is a part of the government of the United States but works independently of the executive governmental departments. Independent agencies are responsible for keeping the government and the economy working smoothly.

Why are there many governmental agencies are they needed?

There are many governmental agencies to help people are causes. Some people think there are too many agencies and they are not needed while others disagree.

How do you investigate mob justice?

There are governmental agencies that do that.

What police agencies do not require a polygraph for employment?

A police dept that doesn't care about quality when hiring persons. == The Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) of 1988 does not refer to federal, state and local governmental agencies such as police and fire departments . As a result all these agencies are permitted to use polygraph examinations for employment purposes.

All government offices agencies and departments make up what?

Government offices, agencies, and departments make up the bureaucracy.

How can you find a list of USA departments and ministries?

Go to to find out just about anything about US Government. It does list all the "Departments", if by Department you mean Cabinet level departments. However it will take lots and lots of digging to get all agencies of the US, because there are agencies within departments and bureaus within agencies.

which are authorized governmental agencies for environmental testing?

FEMA is an authorized governmental agencies for environmental testing. President Bush authorized FEMA to pay for 100 percent of the program costs in 2003.

What are the agencies of the executive branch that make of the cabinet?