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Paper (apex)

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Q: What of these is not a petroleum product?
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Is hnp a light petroleum product?

NO Its not a light petroleum product

What type of product petroleum?

LPG Liquid petroleum gas

What is petroleum product?


Which petroleum refinery product has lowest boiling point?

Gasoline is the petroleum refinery product has lowest boiling point.

Plastic petroleum product What are some countries that export petroleum?


What is a butane?

Butane is a bi-product of petroleum which is formed after refining petroleum, it is also known as petroleum gas.

What is an example of a product that is not a petroleum product?


Is linear paraffin a light petroleum product?

No, it is not a light product.

Is silicone a petroleum product?

Silicone is not a product of petro-chemistry.

Is gasoline a product of petroleum?


What product is made from petroleum?

Products made from petroleum include gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil, and various types of plastics and synthetic materials.

What industrieal product does russia have?