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The official that advises other officials on legal matters is the Attorney General. He or she is responsible for ensuring that no arm of the government breaks the law in any way.

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Q: What official advises other officials on legal matters?
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Ability of voters to remove elected officials from office?

"Recall" is the process by which the voters themselves can petition for the removal of an elected official. Depending on the state laws on the subject, once a certain number of voters signs the petition for recall, a special vote is scheduled for all voters to vote for or against removal of that official. Recall does not require any particular reason for the recall such as legal violations or dereliction of office.("Impeachment" is another term related to the removal of an official Impeachment proceedings are instituted and concluded by the legislative branch only in order to remove an official for crimes or malfeasance in office. The voters have no say in the impeachment process.)The US Constitution does not allow the recall of the President or of any federal officials , but House of Representatives had the power of impeachment.

Who advises the governor on all legal issues of the state?

Typically a chief executive has a counsel to his office, and a counsel to him personally. The Attorney General is considered the highest law-enforcement authority of the State, and sometimes legal opinions are sought from this office. The Solicitor General acts to advocate on behalf of the government before the Court. Finally, in some matters of governance by the Governor, the State Supreme Court may speak as to the validity of acts or omissions made by the office, usually where they are purportedly violative of the State Constitution or the U.S. Constitution.

What is judicial process?

Judicial process is used in reference to legal processes that take place throughout the country. This can include matters heard within lower courts throughout the states or the Supreme Court.

Which cabinet head is in charge of advising the president on legal matters?

The Attorney General is usually a top-notch lawyer and heads the Department of Justice and he is the cabinet member whom would a president might turn to in order to answer legal questions. (However, recent presidents have found a need to have their own lawyer as part of their White House staff, even if they, themselves are lawyers)

Is the president legally able to sign a bill using BIC pens instead of Skilcraft pens?

Absolutely not. 41 U.S.C. 46 mandates that US policymakers use SkilCraft pens for all legal documents, no exceptions. If the president did use a BIC pen, the bill would not be official.

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What is Hindi meaning of advocate?

The Hindi meaning of advocate is "वकील" which refers to a legal practitioner who represents clients in court or advises them on legal matters.

The county official who represents the county in all legal matters is the?

district attorney

How did the Algerian king come to be in court?

The Algerian king, Algerian government officials, or representatives from the Algerian government may appear in court for various reasons such as legal disputes, diplomatic matters, or official business that requires legal resolution. The specific details would depend on the nature of the case or situation that brought them to court.

Who advises the governor on all legal of the states?

Attorney General

What type of Lawyer advises clients on legal issues?

That is what all lawyers do.

A lawyer who advises clients on legal issues?

That would be an Eliza Rosevear lawyer!

Who deals with the legal matters?

A lawyer or attorney deals with legal matters. They provide legal advice, represent clients in court, and help navigate the legal system to advocate for their clients' rights and interests.

Is bribing elected officials against the law?

Yes, bribing elected officials is illegal in most countries and is considered a form of corruption. Engaging in such behavior can result in criminal charges and severe legal consequences for both the person offering the bribe and the official accepting it.

The legal officer represents the state in legal matters?

atourney general

Which officials were elected by the plebeians to protect interest during the Roman replubic?

A TRIBUNE was a roman official appointed to protect the interest of the plebians against violations by the patricians

What can be found on the Barreau du Quebec website?

Barreau du Quebec website contains information on lawyers, contact information, laws, lawsuit information. Appears to be an official website of the National Canadian bar that provides legal information to the public and legal officials. Website promotes legal protective information.