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Q: What organizational method would you most likely use when writing an essay on the series of events that led to the American civil war?
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What instances would you be most likely to write a cause-and-effect essay?

When writing a report on the events that led to the American Civil War!

Who would have most likely referred to the events of March 5 1770 as the Boston Massacre?

Which person would have been most likely to refer to the events of the Boston massacre?

Which historical events likely influenced the writing of The Second Coming?

Events such as World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the tumultuous political and social climate of the early 20th century likely influenced Yeats's writing of "The Second Coming." The chaos, uncertainty, and sense of looming disaster that characterized this period are reflected in the poem's apocalyptic imagery and themes of societal breakdown and renewal.

Which event in Walt Whitman's life likely led to his writing the following lines?

A.The end of the American Civil War

Organizational plan for message using direct approach?

It is a format for writing a memo where the purpose of the memo is stated immediately, followed by explanation or reasons. It is used to write informational memos or persuasive memos where the request is likely to be granted.

Which historical events most likely shape the cultural values of British society in the 1700s?

American colonies' break from British rule

Agency problems are least likely to arise in which organizational form?

sole proprietorship

What is a likely outcome when sources of organizational dissatisfaction are addressed?

improves industry-wide rerecognition

How can blogs be used in the classroom?

Blogs can be a great learning tool for the classroom. For example, if you are studying a unit on American history, you can assign groups of students to create blogs about American history topics - the Revolutionary War, the Gold Rush, Manifest Destiny, etc. Have them write blog posts and post pictures about the events. The students will likely have more fun doing that than writing an essay.

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Most likely a matrix structure of functional and divisional structures.

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Organizational psychologists study people in the workplace to understand behavior, motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, communication, and organizational culture. They focus on improving productivity, well-being, and overall performance within organizations.

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Equally likely events.