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Q: What pa rebellion demonstrated how unhappy farmers in the west were the new taxes placed on whiskey?
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What was unfair about the whiskey rebellion?

What was unfair about the whiskey rebellion was that the western farmers from Pennsylvania were taxed on whiskey but the other farmers were not!

What rebellion was led by the farmers in Massachusetts?

Whiskey rebellion

Who did the whiskey rebellion hurt?

Small farmers.

What led to the whiskey rebelloion?

The Whiskey Rebellion was a rebellion of farmers from Pennsylvania to Georgia. It was in response to the tax put on whiskey. The farmers were upset because they thought the whiskey was an important good. So, they rebelled against the tax. George Washington sent an army down to calm the rebellion.

Farmers in western Pennsylvania protested taxes in the?

whiskey rebellion

Which product caused farmers to rebel in 1794?

Whiskey Rebellion

Farmers in western Pennsylvania protested taxes in?

whiskey rebellion

Who started the whiskey rebellion?

Farmers in western Pennsylvania started it.

Why was the Whiskey Rebellion bad?

the farmers had to pay tax on whiskey , which was cutting into their profit and thought it was unfair

Who was part of the Whiskeys Rebellion and Why?

The Whiskey Rebellion consisted mainly of frontiersmen and Western farmers who were disgruntled by Alexander Hamilton's whiskey excise tax.

Washingtons response to the whiskey rebellion demonstrated the governments?

authority to act with in state borders

Who was shays rebellion rebel to?

Daniel shay started the whiskey rebellion in which he stirred up farmers and peasents against the government because of the tax on whiskey.