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Article II of the Constitution

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Q: What part of the constitution primarily deals with the executive branch?
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What ariticle of the constitution deals with Executive branch?

Article 2

What does artical 2 of the constitution deal with?

Executive branch

What is the purpose of Article II of the Constitution?

Article II of the Constitution deals mainly with the powers and duties of the President who heads the executive branch of the US government.

What branch does article 3 define?

The US Presidency is described in Article II.

Which article of the constitution creates the executive branch?

Article 2 section 1For the most part it's in Article II. There are a couple of references to the executive branch in other articles (for example, veto power is discussed in Article I).

Which topics do articles 1 2 and 3 of the constitution cover?

Article One of the United States Constitution establishes the legislative branch of the federal government, the United States Congress. Article Two creates the executive branch of the government, consisting of the President, the Vice President, and other executive officers and staffers appointed by the President, including the Cabinet. Article Three establishes the judicial branch of the federal government.

What branch did article 3 set up?

Article Three of the United States Constitution outlines the judicial branch, one of the three branches of the U.S. government. The other two are the executive branch, and the legislative branch.

Which branch of government deals with federal administrative agency appeals?

executive branch

Which branch of the government does Article II of the Constitution deal with?

Article II of the U.S. Constitution deals specifically with the executive branch, i.e. the Presidency. It outlines the duties, oath, nature, and qualifications for this office.executive branchExecutive Powers and qualifications for the office of President.

What article deals with the judial branch of government in the constitution?

article 3 deals with the judicial branch of the government

What articles deals with the powers of the executive branch?

artical tres

What was focus of the twenty fifth amendment?

It clarifies some of the Constitution's vagueness about presidential disability. It sets up the terms for when a vice president can step in for the president when he is disabled